Tories making way

5 01 2011

I could see this coming! hanging onto the seats by hook or crook and then deciding it’s not for them when the cuts set in…..

well now the Medway Tories have decided that now the cuts are in for sure and the good decent folks of Medway are losing jobs they have finally had enough. With members and councilors standing down or not attempting to be re-elected it appears to be a mass “cop-out”. Enjoy the ride whilst you have a budget to abuse and then make way when things are looking bad……………..a third of the Tories standing north of Medway will not be standing for election and they have binned two more members and the Tory whip!

3 de-selected Janice and Ken Bamber along with Jane Chitty another 5 are deciding enough is enough. Shame on you, with the city status being forced into people’s minds, the bus station and road closures they have finally shown true colours…….




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