Proud To Say ” Im English “

24 02 2010

I woke up this morning feeling extremely optimistic. I must say now while i think about it , we really should all join together and thank David cameron. David and his party have spent thousands of pounds of late building their new campaign and slogan “Time for Change”- he’s right it is and my word don’t we all know it!

Now is the time for this change, and i believe it just may come sooner than you think. But and there is a but, unlike all the other politicians and Parliamentary Candidates i think the time has come to tell people straight, tell them what i think no beating around the bush or politically correct because after all thats just not me. You want change like the rest of us, this can happen but to do this and achieve the change it needs you the resident, the voter to stand-up and say exactly what you want. Dont worry about political correctness, this is our country with a constitution on loan to those elected. Tell them loud, we cannot sit back and allow these people to silence us, they are there to convey our feelings and our opinions.

I have always said that no MP has ever spoken for me in the past, they have never represented me at any level and for any reason. Proudly i stand in the General Election 2010 for Gillingham and Rainham as an Englishman, an Englishman born in Germany and raised in Wales. Being An English Democrat is about England and what is best for the people of England regardless of race, colour or gender. We can together, men and women of all communities, all creeds, stand up and be pro-active. I would welcome any person to the English Democrats and even more so to come and stand side by side with me and my fellow English Democrats and proudly proclaim your Englishmen and our intention to battle hard at all levels for a better England, a proud England, An England with values and hope.

I understand that many many people are fed up with the main Lib/Lab/Con and i feel i need to remind everyone about a real alternative, there is no reason to ever vote for BNP regardless of your frustration with the parties, but remember it is not Englands fault we are in this mess, it is the fault of scottish and welsh ministers and MPs voting on policies and laws that only affect our England. Being proud is not being rascist nor is it banging on the door of political correctness, it is and always will be something we all share, something we should feel proud to say and celebrate. Remember the English Democrats are here, we are here to voice the opinions of everyone in England, we are run by the people for the people for a better England!




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24 02 2010
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