Tories making way

5 01 2011

I could see this coming! hanging onto the seats by hook or crook and then deciding it’s not for them when the cuts set in…..

well now the Medway Tories have decided that now the cuts are in for sure and the good decent folks of Medway are losing jobs they have finally had enough. With members and councilors standing down or not attempting to be re-elected it appears to be a mass “cop-out”. Enjoy the ride whilst you have a budget to abuse and then make way when things are looking bad……………..a third of the Tories standing north of Medway will not be standing for election and they have binned two more members and the Tory whip!

3 de-selected Janice and Ken Bamber along with Jane Chitty another 5 are deciding enough is enough. Shame on you, with the city status being forced into people’s minds, the bus station and road closures they have finally shown true colours…….


Medway stall’s

4 01 2011

It is one thing planning ahead and making a promise, but then to publicly trash your own suggestion or promise is another. Well the MP for Gillingham and Rainham seems to think it’s a wise move anyway!

I stood next to Reh Chisthi MP when he expressed his frustration and anger about the increase in rail fares, I I had been present on the train platform when he voiced his opinion against the hike. So why is it that the elected MP for Gillingham and Rainham can now turn his back on the very people he stood shoulder to shoulder with?

Now Reh Chisthi is a likable man, a generally plain sailing chap however we cannot escape the fact he has picked up bad habits which are rife within the Tory lines. Letting people down is something we seem to hear week in week out, change of plans, change of views, change of opinion however way you want to look at it. I understand things change, I also understand that you can’t always get it right, but the one thing that really bothers me is the fact that there is never any acknowledgment that it was wrong in the first place! During the election it was evident that the people of Medway were ready for a big shift in direction, now it is evident that the wheels have stopped and we are about to see Medway stall again. You could argue the reason for this is because the local politicians are working to their own agenda, but when you look at the situation you can see clearly the problem lays within the make-up of the local councilors, where is the objective view? I know full well some people will be reading this post disagreeing however Medway council WITHOUT consulting the people of Medway refused to give us the option of a locally elected mayor, they answered on our behalf, without consultation, that is not democratic that is not the way to conduct business.


I have to say this, even i am shocked at how little things have progressed here in Medway!

River Ward By-Election

12 08 2010

Good luck to Ron Sands today in the River ward By-Election, ron a former soldier, general election candidate and all round honest chap is standing today for all those good honest hard-working people of the river Ward.

It’s no surprise that the English Democrats are gaining pace and creating waves especially when the council are dealing with other pressing matters like the hated CCTV car , which by the way we have been fighting for nearly 7 months now ! Recently the driver of this car lost his job due to his foolish behaviour towards a Medway resident. If you have not yet seen the comments and the video then click HERE to view the Medway Messengers write-up on the CCTV car which has been robbing residents for well over a year now.

With this vehicle now coming into HOO on a regular basis it appears (( according )) to its driver, that they have the authority to photograph any vehicle now parked up, regardless if it is on the road or simply not parked as straight as the driver would like. Also strangely it seems that the operators do not understand the definition of “parked”. Last week the CCTV car tried to photograph a vehicle in HOO, just outside of the famous “HOO NEWS” news agents, the vehicle had simply come to a halt to allow 2 elderly residents to cross the road – this to my surprise was simply a opportunity that cctv car could not miss !!!!

Well we will continue to fight the cctv car and oppose the corrupt system that is Medway council and mean time concentrate our efforts on Ron Sands and the River ward By-election.


A bad day for England

8 05 2010

Well it’s confirmed, The Tories took Medway as expected to the detriment of England. Before i get on my pedestal I must say that all the 3 candidates run a good campaign and I congratulate them as their opposition, especially Mark Reckless MP for his speech about how the EU will damage this country. Unfortunately for Mark regardless of his views he is powerless against the party- which must be frustrating to Mark.

For me personally this is a devastating blow for the country as the only people who could possibly benefit from the Tories are those who are in want of a better word “RICH” !

The Medway English Democrats were only expected to grab 2% of the vote according to the media, however we clawed 5.5% with help from the residents of Rochester and Strood making up of 2000 of those votes.

We have been dealt a very poor hand and are now looking at the better of two evils. Still the Tories now have to implement the “sack your MP” policy which i am  sure will benefit those of us in England.


The need for an English Parliament is growing each and every year and is a subject many simply do not know enough about. How proud the Tories must feel knowing they are now able to send tax money from Medway to Scotland to give their residents a better way of life whilst our grandparents are left to suffer in the cold and pay for their own care, how proud they must be of all our students who are in £22k debt whilst the Medway taxpayer subsidize the students in Scotland. We have now 4 years to mount a campaign to highlight the need for an English Parliament, we have successfully after just a 4 week campaign pushed the Green party into a position they were not used to and will now focus on the rest. The green party were beaten across Medway by the English Democrats and we will continue to grow and fight hard to take the question to Westminster. Rehman Chisthi MP for Gillingham has just promised to act on behalf of every resident and has promised to to represent every person without bias- If the statement is true Reh then i have a request as a resident;

As our MP will you be kind enough to take our petition for an English Parliament to Westminster and fight on our behalf?

No- Didn’t think so, If you do Reh I will even offer my full support as much as it pains me. This is for Englands sake not mine.

So come on – step up and as our new MPs ACT now for your constituents and fight against your own party policy for the interest of your constituents!!!

The Best Election News To Date!!

5 05 2010

below is an article kindly written by the Winchester Gob!!  This article is currently available to view on the English Democrats national website. Thank you;

Please understand that this is very much breaking news and we are in the early stages of this development. Whichever way it works out, I am indebted to the Tax Payers’ Alliance and Lee Rotherham for publishing this information.

It is not normally front page news that the EU Soviet has made a cock-up on the administrative front, but this case may be the exception!

When the original Lisbon Treaty was agreed, they missed a bit about representation within the EU Parliament and the correct distribution of seats. What this means is that there will have to be a meeting of government ministers to amend the treaty. Following this, the treaty will have to go back to the Parliament of every EU member state for ratification.

Correct me if I am wrong, but did I not hear either David Cameron or Nick Clegg say on last Thursday’s X-Factor (sorry, leaders’ debate) that any further treaties will go before the people in the form of a referendum?

Let us see whether they now argue that this is not a new treaty or whether they will give us the referendum that is our right in the first place. In 2009, David Cameron promised that, in office, he would hold a referendum about endorsement of the Lisbon Treaty if it had not previously been ratified. The requirement to amend the Lisbon Treaty and for that amendment now to be fully ratified, affords an opportunity for Mr Cameron and his party to put their words into practice.

Remember; sovereignty belongs to all of us and is not for the politicians to give away without our consent.

For the full story to date, please follow this link to the Tax Payers’ alliance website: A golden opportunity

My thanks once again to Lee Rotherham and all in the Tax Payers’ Alliance.

A rather cock-a-hoop Winchester Gob!

To visit the article please goto

St Marks Church Gillingham Hustings Debate

4 05 2010

In a very crude attempt to label the English Democrats in the same category as the BNP the website published an article called;

” Anti Fascists get BNP removed from hustings”  This full article can be seen here ;

As previously agreed with the Rev Canon Peter guinness of St Marks church Gillingham the hustings debate went ahead, Included in that debate had been the LibLabCon, English Democrats, Greens, UKIP and 2 independents, all parties were asked of their opinion as to their thoughts on sharing a platform with the BNP. As this decision had been in favor of Un inviting the BNP to the hustings for obvious reasons the Rev Canon informed BNP of the churches decision.

In the article above you can clearly see that the publisher has also included the English Democrats as one of the parties expelled from the Hustings. I as the candidate for Gillingham and Rainham took part in this debate and played a vital role in the Hustings questions and answers session. The Hustings itself turned out to be a fantastic evening which has had a very positive impact of the Medway English Democrats and those who were there to support us. I have read many versions of what happened on the night but am shocked about the way the LibLabCon have painted a picture of a glorious outcome when quite clearly it was not!

It is worrying that these parties could lie about something so small about a simple public debate and think that one day one of them could be an MP. What else from these parties ? They are an insult to everyone who was there. With Reh chisthi in attendance we could expect a ballroom like maneuver with sweeping hands and a barrister type tone, but it made no impact, residents simply see him how he is. However his followers who plague twitter on his behalf have told a completely new story,  in fact I think the only one who would have been there was Reh himself!!

So in summary, the article which I have linked to above is clearly not accurate and further more they still refuse to respond to the query sent to them. I have requested an apology but we will see what comes of that.

For all of our supporters and party members i urge you to not become upset and lets see if these people can act accordingly and responsibly I hope we have a full apology for even thinking we could be anything like the BNP!

The Charge Sheet Against The Tories

3 05 2010

You have to take your hat off to the mail on sunday and the Hitchins blog for a fantastic article written this week about the ‘ Forgotten misery ‘ of the conservative party. With claims of success floating around the country there are many issues they forget to bring up during the election.

With comments like ;

“Tory party has forfeited the trust – and ought to forfeit the votes – of its traditional supporters”


“It is important to remember that the Tory Party took Britain into the EU in 1972, having first tried to do so 10 years before. Also that it backed a ‘Yes’ vote in the 1975 referendum on staying in the then Common Market, that it supported huge extensions of EU power such as the Single European Act and the Maastricht Treaty, not to mention the disastrous Exchange Rate Mechanism  which virtually destroyed the last Tory government”

It is a subject that many Tories like to worm their way out of by passing the buck, but really does not do them any favors! Strangly many of the councillors who have defected to the English Democrats have been from the Tory Party, but then by reading the Hitchins Blog HERE you can find out why !!

For many conservative voters it is clear cut, however many of them voters themselves forget how the conservative party have tried their hardest to drag this country down and hand over every decision making right to the EU state.

Well done to the Mail on Sunday!

You can read the full article here;